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This course ensures you understand completely the fundamentals of Grasshopper 3D so that you can create your own definitions to whatever complexities you can imagine. Meet the Graphical Algorithm Editor in Rhino Grasshopper is a visual programming language that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D computer-aided design application. It is used to create parametric designs. Grasshopper within Rhino 6 can be used in two main ways : One – To create different designs using the same concept by changing the parameters. E.g. Number of folds on a surface Two – Reduce the time span of repetitive tasks using the same algorithm with different geometries in different designs. E.g. Designs to be placed in a gallery Grasshopper is now used extensively in Architecture and Product Design and is upcoming in the Jewelry Industry.
Chapter 1 - Interface, Navigation, Display

Section 1- Canvas, Params & Components

Section 2 – Connections

Section 3 – Icons

Data Matching

Section 1 – Series

Section 2 – Range

Section 3 – Fibonacci Series

Section 4 – Random and Jitter

Section 1 – Horizontal patterns

Section 2 – Circular patterns

Section 1 – Grids

Section 2 – Exercise with Extrude

Transformation – Move, Scale, Rotate, Array, Mirror

Section 1 – Data Lists

Section 2 – Data Trees

Section 3 – Excercise

Section 1 – One point attractor effect in XY plane

Section 2 – One point attractor effect in Z direction

Section 3 – Two Points Attractors

Section 4 – Curve Attractors

Section 1 – Curve and Surface Evaluation

Section 2 – Proliferation of objects on surface

Section 3 – Rotating objects on surface using an attractor

Section 4 – Non-uniform surface Evaluation

Section 1 – Concept of Box Morph

Section 2 – Surface Box

Section 3 – Box Morph with Attractor

Section 4 – Conditional Box Morph


Mesh – Part 1

Mesh – Part 2

Section 1 – Voronoi 2d

Section 2 – Voronoi 3d

Section 3 – Voronoi on any geometry

Design using an Image Input

Weave Surface Creation

Using Graph mapper to control placement of Points

Fabrication – Orient and Nest for CNC

Filigiri using Grasshopper